RAW: Early Worx Presents Carly Churchill’s Plays – Sept 14-18 – Higher Ground

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Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza


Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen

By Carly Churchill

Directed by Dee Easton and Charles Sanders.

Featuring Amy Victoria Brooks, Michael Habib and Chrissie Page

September 14 to 18 at 7pm

September 17 at 2pm

At Higher Ground

All Tickets $20

$3 from the sale of each ticket will be donated to ‘Medical Aid for Palestine’

One written in 2009 – seven scenes over more than 70 years. The other written in 1971 and set in 2010.

Churchill’s one-act plays cut through the years and the sentiment and throw the world we have created back in our face.

These two short works by one of England’s greatest living playwrights form an elegant set of bookends, and something of a thematic cross-section, to Caryl Churchill’s astounding body of political works for the theatre.

Seven Jewish Children: A Play For Gaza gives us seven moments in history through the eyes of seven groups of Jewish people all wondering ‘what do we tell our children?’

From The Holocaust, through the Jewish settlement of pre-state Israel, right up to the 2008/9 bombings of Gaza, Churchill’s words leap from the page to show the human side of one of the worlds longest running, most complex and most horrendous conflicts.

Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen is a deeply felt personal drama and a piece of speculative fiction. A little like reading Nineteen Eighty Four in 1985, the almost-premonitory nature of Churchill’s 1971 play is shocking with complete environmental collapse, rampant overpopulation, and a new and frightening kind of warfare. The way Mick, Vivian and Claude, the three protagonists, live seems, at first glance, to be completely unlike anything we’ve ever known. But each minute spent with these three desperate souls exposes another way in which their 2010 is not so different from ours.

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