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Black. White. Grey. It’s all a bit blah, really. Where’s the fun? Where’s the excitement? Where’s all the colour gone? Well, Future Entertainment is bringing it back in all of its vivid glory. We’ve found a place where colour thrives, every day and every night. Somewhere you can splash bright green over there, some yellow up there, and sky blue or crazy hot pink everywhere. At any time, anywhere, you can paint the town red, purple, orange or whatever you like. It’s your world, your party, your New Years Eve … so lift the lid and make a splash! Welcome to Colourfornia: where sound, light and colour collide to make NYE come alive

Featuring a unique and dazzling palette of the planet’s most sought after live artists, and drawing from the magnificent spectrum of its finest sounds, this special 100% CMYK edition of Summadayze is guaranteed to be big, bright and colourful!

Kick of this New Years Eve with a sunny afternoon in Adelaide’s most picturesque parkland and then party all the way through to 2012 with an awe-inspiring fireworks display and a blockbuster line-up of some of the hottest artists on the planet…

Adelaide, prepare to revel in the bursting colour and sheer excitement of this unforgettable celebration which will continue well after midnight under a canopy of shining stars…

Get ready to countdown this New Years Eve in the biggest and best way possible! Welcome to Summadayze 2012!

Summadayze Adelaide Artist Line Up….

Pendulum (DJ Set)
Moby DJ Set
Bliss N Eso
Grandmaster Flash
Markus Schulz
Seth Troxler
In Flagranti
And many more to be announced

Colourfornia Summadayze teaser clip: http://vimeo.com/26909091

Dec 31st New Years Eve, Summadayze, Rymill Park *SUBJECT TO COUNCIL APPROVAL

Pendulum (AUS)
Hailing from the unassuming suburbs of Perth, Pendulum is one of Australian electronic music’s biggest exports, brightest lights and favourite son. Featuring the skills of Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding, this explosive trio’s blend of soaring rock, electrifying Heavy Metal and hard-edged Drum and Bass has seen them captivate the planet’s hearts and minds for the best part of the last ten years. With three critically acclaimed artist albums to their name (Hold Your Colour, In Silico and 2010’s Immersion) and countless dancefloor weapons in their arsenal (including bombs like Masochist, Vault, Back 2 You and Voyager), they’ve rocked every major festival main stage in the world and are renowned for their high impact, high octane live shows – where their music collides with a blistering array of stunning visuals and jaw-dropping multimedia cuts.

Moby (DJ Set) (USA)
Moby was born in New York City, but grew up in Connecticut, where he started making music when he was 9 years old. First hitting decks while attending college he was a fixture in the late 80’s New York House and Hip-Hop scenes before turning his hand to production. His first single, Go was released back in 1991(listed as one of Rolling Stone’s best records of all time) and he’s been making albums ever since – with sales exceeding over 20,000,000 worldwide and a string of production credits for the likes of David Bowie, Metallica and the Beastie Boys. Having played well over 3,000 concerts around the planet the planet, there’s literally nothing that this icon of the electronic scene hasn’t done, seen or experienced.
www.moby.com <http://www.moby.com>

Bliss N Eso (AUS)
From an early stage in their career, Bliss N Eso primarily built their fan base from their compelling and energetic live performances. An exhilarating blend of fluid rhymes and banging beats teamed with beat boxing, impromptu freestyling and seamless turntablism make their live shows a brand in their own right, and has seen the group hailed as one of the best live acts in the country.
After 3 critically acclaimed studio albums, their fourth studio album, Running on Air, was released on July 30th and debuted at #1 on the ARIA Album Chart, making them only the fourth Australian act to reach that position in 2010 and ending Eminem’s six week run in top spot. Shortly afterwards, while they had two songs sitting inside the ARIA Singles Chart, Bliss N Eso embarked on another sold-out Australian tour. The three knockabout lads from Sydney are now exploring unchartered territory, which is exactly where they like to be.

Grandmaster Flash (USA)
There are a lot of stories about the birth of jazz and the beginning of rock n’ roll, but hip-hop has founding fathers: one of them is DJ Grandmaster Flash. He was the first DJ to physically lay his hands on the vinyl and manipulate it in a backward, forward or counterclockwise motion. He invented the Quick Mix Theory, which included techniques such as the double-back, back-door, back-spin, and phasing. Basically, what we call a DJ today is a role that Flash invented. The genius behind iconic party tunes like The Message, Superappin, Freedom and You Know What Time It Is, Flash is living legend in every sense of the title.
www.grandmasterflash.com <http://www.grandmasterflash.com>

Markus Schulz (GER)
Over the last 10 years Markus Schulz has fused the individual musical identities of Progressive House and Trance into his own creative and now inimitable hybrid sound. Through the unique alignment of his headline DJ sets, Coldharbour label output and highly prominent Global DJ Broadcast radio show; he orchestrated a sea change revolution in the Trance scene. This success has been singularly reflected in weekly headliner sets in front of many tens of thousands, a GDJB listenership up in the tens of millions and one Beatport chart-topping release after another. Following several highly ranked positions, in 2008 Schulz punched his way into the Top 10 of DJ Magazine’s Top 100 chart, landing at no.8, now, in 2011, he stands, quite unequivocally, as one of the planet’s hottest and most revered DJs. Through his natural audience affinity, flawless (and seemingly effortless) mixing and innate tune selection, he has wowed crowds in pretty much every major district, principality and metropolis.

Sasha (UK)
Put simply, Sasha creates and plays music that gives emotion a chance to speak – and it’s this universal appeal that has established his strong fanbase and iconic status around the globe. A revered veteran of the electronic music scene who continually and expertly reinvents his sound, sets and arsenal of cutting-edge DJ and production technologies, there are few DJs who can lay claim to his level of fame. From seminal compilations for Renaissance and Global Underground to epic tunes like Xpander and Wavy Gravy, and from albums like Airdrawndagger and Involver to his legendary paring with fellow doyen John Digweed, it’s little wonder that the Sasha is a household name in every corner of the globe. Leaving trails of memories, melodies, smile and stories wherever he goes, he embodies the true essence of what it takes to be “the DJs DJ”.

In Flagranti (SWI)
The duo of Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor (aka In Flagranti) are like the MVP’s of this new disco shit, always advancing and coming correct with every release. Both hooked after hearing some mix tapes in the early 80’s – which had this hypnotic blend of electro-disco-afro-rock-funk-dub – Sasha and Alex met in Basel/Switzerland. It didn’t take long for Sasha to join Alex who moved to New York in the early 80’s, and also make the move to the big apple, in 1993. The musical bond had become so strong that they decided to start their own record label Codek Records <http://www.last.fm/label/Codek+Records> , which marked its 15th anniversary in 2011. Renowned for creating and putting together different elements of art/graphic design and styles of music in to a seamless flow, their ‘cut and paste’ DIY attitude has taken the world by storm.
www.myspace.com/inflagranti <http://www.myspace.com/inflagranti>

Seth Troxler (USA)
Seth’s DJ career started in Detroit in 2002 at the age of 16 as a frequent Dj at Detroit club The Works and as a clerk at Detroit’s famous Melodies and Memories record store. With these experiences Seth gained a preternatural understanding of rave, and dance music history, that now allows him to conjour up mixes and tracks like magic. He has played many outstanding international gigs, notably Fabric, Tenax, MUTEK, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Robert Johnson, Detroit Electroinc Music Festival, The Rex, Fuse, Avalon and The End Up – as well as being a resident at Berlin’s legendary Club der Visionäre. Seth is also a bi-monthly party host, and resident DJ at Berlin Weekend Club, and Cityfox’s new club Alte Borse in Zurich, with friends Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves. Before relocating to Berlin he was also a key conceptual force behind America’s “Tesh Club” parties with partners in crime Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss. Under the name Visionquest, they have hosted the annual “Need is Say More” (old Miami) party which has become DEMF’s most anticipated after hours since it’s conception 2006. Seth is on fire, folks …

Spank Rock (USA)
The story of Spank Rock is a story about Baltimore, but then again, it ain’t. Because it’s a story about leaving as much as it’s about staying, about moving on while remembering your roots, about innovation and its relation to tradition. Naeem Juwan, better known as MC Spank Rock, MC Super Disco Spank Ro’ or just Spank Rock, grew up alongside two brothers and five sisters in a West Baltimore row house. Meanwhile downtown, in a neighbourhood little less riven by crime and poverty, Alex Epton was growing up with his parents, both artists from Oklahoma. Wind the clock forward and today, in 2011, Spank Rock are one of the hottest party rap acts doing the rounds. With two artsist albums to their name (Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo and Everyone Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking liar), and string of in-your-face tracks like Bump, Sweet Talk and Energy in their arsenal, this irreverent duo of party time shenanigans are living the dream … large.

Artist line-ups will vary in each city. Check www.summadayze.com <http://www.summadayze.com>  for full event details.
www.futureentertainment.com.au <http://www.futureentertainment.com.au>

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