RAW: Shaolin Warriors – OzAsia @ The Festival Theatre

The Shaolin Warriors are one of the highlights of this year’s OzAsia Festival at the Festival Theatre for only 2 nights.

Calling this an energetic show may be somewhat of an understatement. Full of kicks, jumps, thumps and punches this display of agility and coordination with lightning fast speed tells the story of a young child’s initiation and the journey to achieving warrior status. The training, the meditation, the ceremony. We see some unbelievable feats of the body and mind such as breaking iron bars over the head, chopping cabbage on the body and more.

Every popular show tries to include some audience participation; and the Shaolin Warriors have something very special lined up. Which boy, and surely some girls, hasn’t dreamed of mastering Kung Fu, well tonight some 30 or so kids got the opportunity to take their first lesson on stage with a genuine Shaolin Warrior.

Along on the journey we are shown both sides of the Shaolin. The Warrior who is able use anything including his own body as a deadly weapon and withstand great amounts of pain as well as the Monk who peacefully meditates and harnesses the power of Chi. We see a glimpse of the Shaolin’s ability and their Kung Fu and must wonder how many years of dedicated training it takes to master this art which was born some 1500 years ago and was developed to protect the Shaolin Monastery which was attacked many times over the centuries.

The show may be missing a narration which may help the audience understand the journey, but the program available for only $10 gives an overview of this.

Definitely a must see show for the whole family full of amazing feats and abilities, educational as well as entertaining.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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  1. Wow! When will they be in the Philippines?

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