Flickerfest 2012

The two night showing in Adelaide covered the first of the international program and the local shorts, all of a high quality.

Of the foreign fare, Raju was a standout. A German couple has gone to India to adopt a child but when the child goes missing and all is not as it was presented to them, emotional and moral tussles break out. This high budget film while at times predictable does an excellent job of depicting the struggles involved and capturing the chaos and anonymity of Indian urban life.

Brick Novax’s Diary is an animation where international super legend Brick Novax locks himself away in a motel room in his dying days to tell his life story covering corporate, entertainment and physical prowess.  It is very amusing and lovely satire on our modern fame driven world.

Of the Australian shorts, mostly rich with local humour, Fish & Chips progressed wonderfully as a not too subtle dig at both world political leaders and cooking shows until it ditched already obvious references for political statement in a condemnation of Paulene Hanson. Given the dear lady made her rise to political prominence over 15 years ago, one has to ask why now and why ruin what was going just fine as parody.

After The Credits was great fun. When the girl starts her flee from the country after seemingly losing out for the love of her man as he prepares for the altar and he dashes to the airport to stop her at the very last, the fairy tale is then continued beyond the fabulous embrace of lovers back together and the realities of their actions in getting to that point hit.

There is a lot to like about short films. For one they are short meaning if you don’t like it another is soon on its way. Secondly, the challange of condensing a story into just 5 to 15 minutes means there is a real intellectual challenge in play for viewers and thirdly, the chances of you and your partner agreeing on which was best is very small, making for excellent post viewing discussion.

Try Flickerfest out as it tours the nation til May.

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