FRINGE – Heath Franklin v Chopper – The Garden – Umbrella – 2K

By Fiona Gardner

Here it is again 2012 fringe time already, welcome to the Umbrella tent located on the south side over the Garden bridge. Now for those who haven’t been here late in the evening! Be prepared; dress warmly just in case a global warming kick’s in with a bit of a chill as you could be worse for wear. That is if you want to actually see Heath Franklin vs Chopper.

As Heath explains, his toughest audience to please was at Melbourne’s fringe last year, this self introduced one man show, with interaction of live video and with the audience members acquires a certain taste.

One thing is you should be prepared, if you’re not into watching a sexually frustrated man talk about his crutch for an hour, making guns and fowl language, this show isn’t for you. His goat impersonation of Mrs. Gillard is quiet amusing. The second act of master chef was started with a high and ended with a low. If it’s up your alley to score a free beer (?), make sure you participate in the wildlife outing!

Overall I laughed, thankfully as it is a Comedy show, although I’m not in to toilet humor, or FUCK being every second word. Don’t tell my dad I said that.

Kryztoff Rating  2K

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