FRINGE – Tom Thum – Garden – 4K

When endured watching street buskers, beatboxing has always seemed to me a complete waste, if not, the complete waste of endeavour. Tom Thum’s show changes all perceptions about that. Armed with his computer deck and microphone, Thum fills the Deluxe tent with all myriad of sounds, all the product of vocal percussion and all produced from scratch.

Bring together with a melodic and imaginative mind, elements of Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and hip hop and the outcomes can be spectacular. Layering sound upon beat upon rhythm, beauty, at times, emerges. Home Stay Blues and his Sounds of the World were highlights; his ‘brass’ solos sublime.

Without tedious DJ histrionics of head phone tucked under one cheek while syncing a beat while on his synthesizer but using pre-recorded video and camera to great effect, Tom nonetheless exudes the tension of an imaginative process that could all go horribly wrong in execution (which it didn’t) while sustaining the charm and humour of someone who genuinely loves what he does. Artistry out of addiction with a useful light show to set it all off. Go see it.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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