FRINGE: Akmal – Royalty Theatre – 5K

Comedians are like wine, some never become enjoyable, no matter how long they have been aged, some have a very clear use by date after which they go down the drain and then there are those which age so well, better and better year by year. One of these well aging comedians is Akmal, even though he probably has quite some years to go until he is, as Akmal himself puts it “that age where pants are optional”.

It is so refreshing and entertaining to be present when an amazingly gifted comedian is on stage, such as the very talented Akmal, who rather than having to rely on jokes with timed pauses so the audience knows when to applaud, is able to deliver a conversational story while throughout interacting with audience members and weaving them into the story, but with such wit and jest as Akmal does, to have the audience in constant fits of laughter.

Very, very entertaining. Surely the audience is glad that Akmal didn’t follow into medicine with the rest of his family but applied his gift to the amusement of 1000’s, who must be a lot healthier after so much laughter.

Akmal delivers a show you just don’t want to end.

Kryztoff Rating   5K

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