FRINGE: His Ghostly Heart – Theatre – Holden Street Theatres – 4K

There is something about the dark that changes everything; something pure, something safe, something frightening. The world is no different because the sun has set or the lights are out and yet that enveloping blackness can alter our behaviour and encourage us to do and say things we never would in the light.

Daisy (Sara Lange) and Tom (Hjalmar Svenna) are a young couple, who use the dark as a protective blanket, to cover themselves in their most intimate moments. Through their post-coital conversation, we get a glimpse of their relationship and the issues which threaten to destroy it. The deft writing of Ben Schiffer raises the question of whether self-image and that seen by others can ever match. While it does get a little overly philosophical at times, it is for the most part interesting and engaging.

Bereft of sight, your hearing takes up the slack, picking up the nuances in the conversation and the sounds of small movements to form a picture in your head of what might be going on not two metres in front of you. Under the direction of Martha Lott, the two performers create a realistic and emotive picture despite the sensory deprivation, with the expression in their voices clearly conveying the feeling in the piece.

The confined space of the Manse and the proximity of the actors may be unnerving for some, but add to the atmosphere and feeling of voyeurism that are inherent to the play. This is a distinctive theatrical experience and a fine production of a well written, thought-provoking play.

Kryztoff rating: 4K

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