FRINGE – The Return of Shaggy Do Beats – La Boheme – 4K

The whimsical environs of La Boheme are an appropriate place to take in the ‘bunknik’ poems of Shaggy Do and his accompanying Jazzcateers.

According to Shaggy’s publicity, these three performances follow a ‘frisky’ stint in Edinburgh but clearly not via any decent menswear store. For Shaggy’s outfit is a poor brown suit with matching tea cosy like hat (in corduroy), blue shirt with white frill and bow tie and white face paint, all stood up on blue sneakers. The most glamorous part of his presence was the cover of his ‘On the Beatroute’ poetry book from which all manner of styles and wisdom flowed.

His backing band of three was little better decked out but the charts devised by saxophonist Chris Soole to accompany the words of the master were spot on, making for a partnership well made if not in heaven.

‘I hump like a pony, that’s why people want to ride me into the sunset’ was just one example of Shaggy’s hopelessly misplaced self perception of his sexual attractiveness. ‘Talent is like a tent, versatile in any terrain’ another misplacement related to his abilities.

But to be sure, this is the humour of it all and the whole hour is one delightful moment after another, a performance together by all four on stage that leaves the world outside behind and has you giggling along at every extraordinary verse.

Shaggy is on again tonight (Wednesday) and then next Sunday. Middle-aged and looking for something just a bit different from the mainstream this Fringe? Then load up on a bottle of wine and a platter of cheese and find out why Shaggy is in love with his telephone, every girl that moves and why neither it seems will ever likely to sit better under his control than the clothes he is wearing.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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