FRINGE – Eddie Ifft – Eddie’s World – Arts Theatre – 3K

Eddie Ifft, the New York raised, now LA resident, is one of the few US stand up comedians who tours the world and that includes Australia, a venture he has been indulging in for some years. At the Arts Theatre for 15 performances his ‘new show’ I suspect differs little in style from previous ones other than to update material.

It includes some funny observations about Adelaide (the mad month of festivals drew particular attention) and Australia, an overview of the present US presidential race (the religious foibles of Mormons got a run believe it or not) and a lot of none too subtle jokes about bodily parts, especially sexual organs.

His humour is well crafted from being a man of the world and obvious success in the very public forums of TV and film. However, as evidenced by the demographics of his audience last night, it is squarely of interest to little more than single guys in their early to mid twenties for whom good taste and the perils of misogyny have yet to invade their lives.

If that type of humour is the Fringe for you, then Eddie is your man.

Kryztoff Rating   3K

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