FRINGE – Ladies In Waiting – Higher Ground – 4.5K

By Fiona Gardner

Higher ground is the hottest venue in Adelaide, Ladies in Waiting is in the Basement, which is directed by the resident company of Charles Sanders.

Ladies in Waiting, performed by three ladies, Hannah Bennett, Elizabeth Hay and Amy Victoria Brooks, presents you with several monologues outlining women anxieties in different situations; as the title states ‘Ladies in Waiting.’

The show starts with a high angst from all the characters, Charles Sanders paints the bigger picture, showing the comparison with what someone might experience in their everyday lives, compared to what a women in a burka may face. As the thoughts and scenarios are played out in the women’s minds, the scenes are formed creating an intelligent dialogue between audience and performer.

Overall this piece is definitely a hit, with anyone who has a mother, sister, friend or lover able to very much relate to many of these thoughts that run through these ladies’ minds.

Kryztoff Rating   4.5

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