Mar 05

FRINGE – Dr Brown Brown Brown – The Kid’s Show – The Garden – 4K

A singing tiger greets patrons, young and old, as they arrive to see what this Dr Brown Brown Brown character is all about. As they settle, the said doctor arrives in a big bag and proceeds to bumble his way through an hour of daily duties, from breakfast to sport to going home.

As examples, he spills hot tea all over himself, consumes a banana without peeling it and eats the contents of a pooey nappy. You get the picture.

After 10 minutes or so, the kids realise they have the good doctor’s permission the scream and shout and squeal and then invade the stage which they do with gusto. One poor father ought to have demanded a cut of the door take given how much time he spent on stage helping to make the show happen.

Desirable for children three to seven or eight years of age, this physical comedy will delight, with plenty for parents to smile about as well.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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