FRINGE – The Axis of Awesome World Tour 2006 – 4K

If you are thinking ‘it’s the second half of the Fringe calendar, so that must mean the Axis of Awesome are back in town’ then you would be right.

The trio of Lee (in hip guitar player frizz (which is a wig), Jordan of the hairy chest and misplaced sense of sexual attractiveness and wee Benny as the butt of all small man jokes are at the Vagabond til the raucous end of the season and the show is as good as ever.

Mixing the usual great banter with much loved favourites (the Boy band, KFC and Four Chord (remixed) songs) and some new (re James Blount and Jesus), the Axis of Awesome offer safe and enjoyable fare for those who have seen them before and a treat for first timers.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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