FRINGE – Cirque de Gymnastique – Retrospective – 4.5K

By Fiona Gardner

This cross between circus and gymnastics intertwines with film giving you 200 performers who tumble, back flip, bend like rubber and strut like its back in the 80’s while incorporating some old school tracks.

A high energy work, where each act brings along their own specific style and genre which span from circus arts, to cheerleading, aerobics, sports aerobics through to gymnastics. This show presents itself mainly as groups, keeping you constantly entertained with all these amazing talented performers in one venue at one time.

With these young developing bodies, one can be sure that a few stars will arise out of this crew. Obviously with the mass of colors and sparkles, names are not easy to come by, although you can definitely pick the ones that shine.

One of my favorites was the sparkling glow stick little rhythmic team, with ultra flexi backs, rolling right over their heads, almost looking identical! Each work having a moment to shine; the girls who suspended from the tissue supporting another girl below, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce; definitely made you want to fly, not to mention the Harlequin Spirals Wheel Team; where one women quoted behind ‘I want to do that,’ – they obviously had made their feats look rather easy.

This great event held in South Australia even attracted Flip 4 Fun from Victoria, which I must say as a whole were the strongest looking team together. Definitely a great show mixed in with film and some great tracks.

Kryztoff Rating  4.5K

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