Bickfords Now Offers Cranberry Juice Cordial

The tradition continues with Bickford’s Cranberry Juice Cordial
Renowned for their purity and quality, the tradition continues with the launch of Bickford’s new Cranberry Juice Cordial, bringing a fresh new taste to the portfolio.

This innovative beverage launch forms the most recent extension of Bickford’s’ 136 year old Cordial range and comes at the peak of summer when refreshment will be top of mind for Aussie consumers.

With no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, Bickford’s Cranberry Juice Cordial is made with 25 per cent real cranberry juice and delivers a refreshing balance of tartness and sweetness. Unique to the Australian market and true to the rest of the Bickford’s range, it delivers high refreshment value and adult taste appeal, with the flexibility of mixing to suit individual taste preferences.

Bickford’s Senior Brand Manager – Jodi Pope says, “Cranberry commands approximately 75 per cent of the premium juice segment, and with the brand’s existing association with quality cranberry products established through our Bickford’s Premium Juice range, there was a wonderful opportunity to extend this to cordial.”

Cranberries are known to be a powerhouse of antioxidants and as such have become a popular and on-trend super fruit commonly associated with a range of naturally occurring health promoting benefits. This super fruit status gives it a ‘premium’ image, well aligned with the Bickford’s brand positioning of proud tradition and premium quality.

Typically targeting the adult sector of the market, this delicious new Bickford’s variant will not only increase satisfaction amongst existing consumers but is intended also to broaden brand appeal amongst a younger demographic who associate cranberry with high-end cocktails and vodka mixes.

“We want to offer something new and exciting to existing consumers whilst at the same time attract a slightly younger demographic and encourage their transition from regular cordial to premium cordial,” says Pope.

Not only is it the ultimate summer refreshment when mixed with plain water or soda, Bickford’s Cranberry Juice Cordial is also the perfect addition to a range of mouth watering cocktails such as a Summer Sangria and Passionfruit Cosmopolitan, creating new inspiration for in-home-entertaining. A number of trendy bars and night spots have also been quick to incorporate Bickford’s Cranberry Juice Cordial into their cocktail menus.

Also joining the Bickford’s Cordial portfolio is the new Bickford’s Diet Lemon Lime and Bitters Cordial, which was launched following overwhelming success of Bickford’s Lemon Lime and Bitters Cordial and the increasing consumer demand for diet versions of the Bickford’s Cordial range.

Whilst Lime Juice Cordial remains the flagship of the brand, Bickford’s is proud to introduce these latest flavour additions to its iconic portfolio, which commands 63 per cent value share of the premium cordial segment.

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