The Amazing Spider-man 3D – 4K

The Amazing Spider-manThe Amazing Spider-man brings us a different Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield, a different love interest, Gwen Stacy as Emma Stone, 10 years after Sony last brought the super hero back to life in the form of Tobey Maguire. The story, well who doesn’t know the story, Peter Parker who grows up with his uncle and aunt is bitten by a spider and develops powers which catapult him into the super hero club and turns to fighting crime.

It seems to be the flavour of the time for Hollywood to reboot franchises, especially comic book super hero’s, retelling stories told over and over trying to entice audiences back with amazing yet over the top special effects thanks to current computer graphics capabilities and of course the added draw card 3D.

So is The Amazing Spider-man any different, the short answer is no. Is it worth seeing, the short answer is yes. Is there anything new to this incarnation of Spider-man besides state of the art special effects and 3D? That can’t be answered in short. Let’s start by looking at the sometimes oversold special effects and 3D. The Amazing Spider-man certainly looks very well done cinematically and has some scenes which work very well in 3D which surely will amaze the young and older ‘children’ in the audience.  The story takes Peter Parker on an emotional roller coaster ride as he rediscovers his parents loss, meets his first high school love, loses his uncle, discovers his new found powers as he faces guilt, teenage conflict and accepts that with an unrequested gift of super power comes responsibility.

Overall the story is very well told and uncovers that teenage and emotional side of Peter Parker as he battles not only criminals on the street but deep conflict within and visually the movie takes us on a ride with some quite stunning visuals.

A movie for the whole family.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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