Biddies – Her Majesty’s – 3K

When a sewing group of four old classmates is joined at their old school by Connie (Donna Lee) trouble brews as old rivalries, relationships and events resurface. When their old teaching nemesis, Miss Cantwell (Annie Byron) happens upon them as well, personal paradigms get challenged and emancipation and enlightenment are the order of the day.

Don Reid’s Biddies is the female companion piece to his most successful Codgers play of 2008 which is now a feature film. While women who are ‘aging gracefully’ will see many of their life decisions writ large on stage – everything from copious partners to incontinence – the story line is, even for theatre, all rather contrived and (for the most part) obvious.

All the cast breath great life and energy into their roles, there are many funny moments and one liners (which do well to make palatable the darker side of the female issues being dealt with) and the show sustains itself on the high side of enjoyable over laboured but as a ‘cape diem’ piece, Dead Poets Society this is not.

Kryztoff Rating  3K

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