OzAsia – Fire & Water – Space Theatre – 4K

Fire & Water, two solo recitals by Xiaoxia Zhao on Guqin and Li-Wie on Cello. Both performers featured in Tan Dun’s “Martial Arts Trilogy”.

Xiaoxia Zhao, who began her Guqin studies at the age of nine and studied with the prestigious Guqin player Professor Li Xiangting and graduated with a Master’s Degree with Honors in 2009 from the Central Conservatory of Music with Honors, has earned international attention besides being well known in China. Her performances include the Beijing Olympic Games, the Paralympics, Tokyo Symphony Concert in Japan and Los Angeles Mid-autumn Concert in the US. Now treating us here in Adelaide for a short time during the OzAsia Festival. The Guqin, the most revered of all Chinese musical instruments, literally translated “ancient stringed instrument” is a plucked seven-string instrument of the zither family with origins dating back 5000 years.

Xiaoxia Zhao performed 3 famous pieces of the “Mysterious Scores of Qin” which included “Flowing Water”, “Three Variations of Plum Blossom” and “Guang Ling Verse” which was written to praise Nie Zheng’s great courage, who murdered the Emperor to seek revenge for his father and committed suicide afterwards, and is considered as one of the most important Qin pieces.

Li-Wei, an exclusive Universal Music China Artist who since his success at the 11th Tchaikovsky International Competition and went on to win first prize at the 2001 Naumburg Competition in New York, has performed throughout the world.

Li-Wei performed 3 parts of the “Sonata for Solo Cello” by George Crumb, “Fantasia: Andante espressivo e con molto rubato”, “Tema pastorale con variazioni”, Toccata: Largo e drammatico – Allegro vivace” as well as “Yi1: Intercourse of Fire and Water” by Tan Dun.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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