Bakehouse Theatre Upcoming Shows – The Call & Controlled Crying

Here is information on two upcoming shows at the Bakehouse:

The Call

11 Oct 2012 – 27 Oct 2012

Presented by:



Adults $25, Conc $22, Fringe Benefits $20, Groups (6+) $20, Previews $12


100 minutes (no interval) – Mainstage at 8pm

Funny, disturbing and bitter sweet

The Call is an enthralling drama about a young man looking to escape a suburban life.

“I thought that when I grew up everything would be a lot clearer, that it would make sense…”

Gary stares into the eyes of a chook. After laying twenty thousand eggs and spending an entire life inside a tiny cage, she’s facing the chop.

Gary has had a confined life too—most of it spent looking for girls, stealing cars and wagging school. Now it’s become a succession of dull, dirty and dangerous jobs.

But Gary yearns for something that can make sense of life for him—give it meaning. He hears the call. One that roars inside him. A call of the wild, a call to arms, a call to prayer, a call of adventure…

Two Previews:-  Thursday October 11,  Friday October 12th all Tickets $12

Opening Night  Saturday October 13th.

Season continues Wednesday to Saturday until October 27.

All evening shows at 8pm.

Matinees:- Wednesday October 17th at 1pm; Wednesday October 24th at 1pm.

High School Bookings please contact Renee at


Writer: Patricia Cornelius
Director: David Mealor
Cast: Nic English, Renee Gentle, Guy O’Grady, Tim Overton
Designer: Kathryn Sproul
Lighting and Sound: Ben Flett
Stage Manager: Stephen Moylan
Production Manager: Hjalmar Svenna

Controlled Crying

11 Oct 2012 – 27 Oct 2012

Presented by:

BlackBox@the Bakehouse


Adults $22/Conc. $18/ Fringe Benefits $18/Students $15/Previews $15


110 mins – (Studio Theatre at 8pm)

The humour, drama, struggles and pitfalls of raising a family

“Few sounds provoke a visceral reaction quite like the cry of a baby”

-Professor Kringelbach, Neuroscientist, Oxford University

As parents, though we might move heaven and earth in order to spare our children the slightest sorrow, it can be argued that it is as much our role to allow them to learn how to cry as it is to protect them from the very troubles that provoke their tears. The impossible balancing act of parenthood. In the midst of the intimate darkness of the marital bed,  Libby and Oscar play out the odyssey that is the raising of Millie, through a series of deft scenes spanning a quarter of a century, with all the angst, humour, pettiness and sheer profundity that is marriage and the raising of a child.

Show dates: (all shows at 8pm)

11th, 12th, 13th October

17th, 18th, 19th, 20th October

24, 25th, 26th, 27th October


Written by Ron Elisha
Directed by Ellonye Keniry
Featuring Graham Self

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