State Theatre’s Red Carpet Event – Review – 9 Nov

By Rupert Hogan Turner

Red Carpet is an initiative run by the State Theatre Company who is endeavouring to maintain a youthful audience at their shows. By paying a smidgen extra people aged between 20 and 30 can find themselves in the prop warehouse rubbing shoulders with the director, actors and other industry players. The warehouse itself was covered in old and new props strewn haphazardly around, which gave it an eclectic feel.

Last Friday I found myself back there and I have to say it was great fun. Admittedly the largest draw for me was the opportunity to speak with the stars of the show, who walked calmly into the crowd of eager young actors, actresses and playwrights armed with only the answers to the vast wave of oncoming questions. For those who demand more bang for your buck there was free wine and beer as well as delicious aroncini balls and other snacks. A DJ set the scene with some upbeat but relaxed tunes while everyone become comfortable and mingled.

These events are an amazing networking opportunity, while there for only an hour and a half I heard about every play coming up in the next twelve months and why I should go and see it. The DJ’s were a tad loud which created conversation issues, “Your play is called what?” was one of my more frequent questions. As with all industry nights, it did feel somewhat cliquey and there is the feeling that the same people attend every one of these. However once you broke into any given circle you found yourself surfing the conversations. Overall a good evening, wonderful initiative and an excellent if somewhat underused opportunity for young people looking to become involved in theatre.

Were you there? Let us know your thoughts as well.

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