FRINGE 2013 – The Candy Butchers – Garden – 4.5K

Candy Butchers

By Ali Soulio


It’s not your usual circus! There are no flamboyant costumes, no fancy lighting and definitely no animals. But make no mistake this is a must see in 2013. With just four performers and set under the Garden’s Big Top, the audience is treated to an intimate, all-enthralling act that builds into an emotional, disconnected story of life, death, love and lust. Starting off much like a Chaplin sketch full of physical comedy and dark humour, the show rapidly grows into a frantic, industrial circus act using little more than some crates, a couple of barrels, buckets, suitcases, a bunch of hula hoops and a tonne of fairy floss.

With their quirky circus tricks and comic satire, hilarious puns and double entendres as well as the odd profanity, the Butchers remind us it is okay to laugh at the misfortunes of life, pain, loss and even death. Entangled amongst the dark humour, slapstick relief and mini burlesque show, the performers manage to find new appreciation for the physical side of circus entertainment by stripping back the effects and amazing the audience with the pure ability and artistry of their athleticism made all the more remarkable by the fact that the entire audience is within metres of the stage. There is no wonder that it won Most Outstanding Production at this year’s Melbourne Fringe.

With a strong finale of theatrical acrobatics, eerie sounds and dark emotions that creates a mood akin to a piece of H.P. Lovecraft pulp fiction, The Candy Butchers is an act that definitely speaks for itself and will bring you to your feet, whilst simultaneously leaving you to beg the question: What the hell did I just see?

Complete entertainment that runs through the entire Fringe season.


Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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