FINGE 2013 – Limbo – Garden – 5K

571_300_227_80By Peter Maddern

Each Fringe, Strut and Fret deliver a new circus type show – think Cantina, Soap – and each year they never fail to thrill and enthral. Limbo is their latest creation and while the performers don’t seem out to exceed previous troupes’ tricks, this year’s show did carry a couple of new inventions.

If anything separates this show from its forebears it is the music and musicianship. The performance opens with the four band members on the stage circle, led by a Colonel Sanders type figure, who leads the way with all manner of sound inventions and manipulations including some impressive beat boxing that has you often looking back at the band area as the hour progresses to see how it is all being done.

The increased focus on the music also means almost non-stop action even as gymnastic apparatus is carried in and out – Gen Ys be warned – you have no time to txt while this show marches on.

The displays of strength and agility are often awesome and having performers swinging over your head as they rhythmically sway to the music is something quite special. This was one of the new features along with fire tricks (which must have had the troupe’s insurance risk assessors on the edge of their seats) and a little burlesque. Sword swallowing, illusionist trickery and good old fashioned tap dancing add to the mix of an hour of wonder, joy and thrill.

To be sure Limbo is not the cheapest ticket in town but there is no risk of not getting your money’s worth – a thrill for all ages and a reason why the Garden is the centre of the Adelaide Fringe.

Kryztoff Rating   5K

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