FRINGE 2013: Comedy – Lords of Luxury – Tuxedo Cat – 3K

The Lords of Luxury (Dan Debuf, Luke Ryan, Matt Saraceni and Paul Verhoeven) have made a bit of a name for themselves via their comedy podcasts. They bring their particular brand of humour to the Tuxedo Cat this Fringe.

There’s not a lot to this show: four friends on a mostly blank stage, a few loosely tied together skits, some audience participation, a story by Ryan that has been resurrected after more than a decade in his mother’s cupboard, an astoundingly bad wig and a hell of a lot of idiocy.

It’s silly. It’s boys, being silly. It’s like mates at a party that have had a few too many beers and decided to entertain the other partygoers with their antics. But silliness isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back, not have to think about anything particularly taxing and laugh at people doing stupid things. Sometimes those idiots are what make the party great.

While this party may not be remembered as one of the best ever, it is an enjoyable mix of amusing and bemusing.

Kryztoff Rating: 3K


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