FRINGE 2013 – Golden Phung Sell Out – 4K

By Peter Maddern

The Golden Phung crowd are back for their third Fringe season and they are certainly worth their price of admission. This show, superior to last year’s efforts, reflects the cast’s growing stage experiences, not just in the Phung seasons but through their own individual stage careers. This can be seen in such places as the pacing adopted and in attention to details like sketch changes (which included this year a segue about segues.)

While the story of the show – cast members looking to sell the show for big money – was a trifle thin, the last 20 minutes or so was conducted at such a furious, farcical, bordering on the fantastic, pace that it didn’t much matter. Those fond of the Monty Python style of humour will find in the Golden Phung a kindred spirit.

All the cast were great, though as seems routine for the genre, the male parts offered more opportunities to excel than those for the girls, with Eddie Morrison in good form and Roy Phung up for any kind of absurdity to drive the show along. Calen Vanstone’s videos were also excellent and what may be dismissed as just a Uni student sketch show, the Phung needs to be appreciated in a far greater professional prism.

There are a lot of journeyman comics treading the floor boards at the Rhino Room and the Garden, but if you want to see quality home grown product this Fringe by a cast, all of whom seem likely to be going places, then the Golden Phung should be your first port of call. The fabulous Harry’s Bar just adds to the atmosphere.

As mentioned, the last third of the show is just a bang, bang, bang, laugh out loud, romps that will have few peers this year.

Kryztoff Rating    4K

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