ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – A Circus Affair – 3K

By Anthony Nguyen


Weaving in a mix of circus, comedy and romance, comes the whimsical story of A Circus Affair, produced by the Australian-based circus company, Circosis. A duo performance from lovable characters Mr Kiko (Andrew Cook) and Sarita (Sarah Mason), it tells the story of two aspiring performers who take on the world whilst finding that circus romance with each other.


The show is an example of silent circus with the storyline told through physical theatre. Additionally, the performers are accompanied by a projection screen providing additional videos and animations which also assisted in the storytelling process.


The video segments, which would serve as short breaks and times for costume changes for the performers, would somewhat seem less entertaining to watch on screen and would be much better received from the audience if performed live. Some slip-ups were made mid-performance (e.g. ball dropping), however both performers reacted well, incorporating it into the comedic aspects of the show which made the audience wonder whether the mistakes were done purposely as part of the routine.


Complete with highly-impressive circus acts including juggling, hoops, ball-balancing and acrobatics, the show provides great entertainment and fun for both kids and adults. The delightful pair will be sure to amaze you yet leave you laughing with a definite feel-good ending at the finale of the show.

A Circus Affair continues on for several more shows as part of the Adelaide Fringe at the Bakehouse Theatre on the 28th of Feb, and the 1st and 2nd of March.


Kryztoff Rating: 3K

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