FRINGE 2013 – Homage to Uncertainty – Emma Beech – Tuxedo Cat – 3.5K

By Fiona Gardner

Emma’s work displays a real depth of research as well as finding those simple things that just want to make you laugh. Within Homage to Uncertainty, she takes you on an informative journey into real life observant situations that she has witnessed or experienced. She sets the scene with descriptive texts as well as portraying a variety of characters; some close relations and others distant.

In this one person show she sets up the scene then carries you through the perception that leads you into the next scene with a variety of transitions that include, tea and costume changes, leaving you with the question of what could possible happen next.

This show strongly exhibits Emma’s fine taste in tackling the very large topic of uncertainty. Her comical theatrical monologue engages her audience with a variety of questions about the judgment that we play on the person that perceives the work. Although her stories about her father did make me feel as though that she was a little bit crazy, I found Emma to be a true observant artist, who was able to deliver and display a perception of change with her audience.

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K

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