FRINGE – Sister Mary Lucy – La Boheme – 4K

By Ben Nielsen

After a successful season at the 2012 Cabaret Fringe Festival, it’s unsurprising that Lucy Russell returns with her show Sister Mary Lucy.

With an onstage shrine and a well selected jukebox of songs, Russell confesses that her one desire is to become a nun. The tale is genuinely hilarious.

Unlike many emerging cabaret performers, Russell is at ease upon the stage and does not forget narrative direction. The show is casual but sleekly rehearsed.

The straight-face nonchalant humour is a delight, as is Russell’s singing ability. While some gags fell flat, there was plenty to compensate. To much delight, Russell persuades members of the audience to join in with a liturgical dance routine to Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’. A definite highlight.

Lucy Russell is a local talent to keep an eye on.


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