FRINGE 2013 – The Lords of Strut – 4K

By Peter Maddern

Two Irish brothers, ‘Famous’ Seamus and Sean-‘tastic’, are acrobats looking to become world famous through agility and their range of men’s personal care products. In the Bally tent at Gluttony they produce a somewhat bizarre show where buffoonery and brilliance are mixed and matched in equal portions with inspiration and incompetence.

The gap between the extremes are nearly as great as the two personalities themselves with Seamus not possessing an ounce of self-doubt and Sean constantly thrown off his game by just about everything, including some harsh words from his mother.

This is all the greatest of fun and the cramped confines of the Bally, with many past disciples in attendance, just add to the atmosphere. If not for the pretence of the brothers thing, the Lords of Strut would likely be regarded as camp as you can get. Not that it was in any way vulgar, with the cavorting gymnastics in just jocks more funny than confronting (beyond those in the front row at least) and the amusements with the Lords of Strut KY Jelly Lip Gel sailing happily over the heads of children.

If you have witnessed the slick Limbo and bizarre Candy Butchers, then for balance about circus at this year’s Fringe, these Irish siblings provide just the ointment. But when you go, be ready to groan and shout and laugh out loud for a healthy level of audience participation just makes it all seem so much better than it probably is.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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