TeTRATOLOGISTS inc. – Curated by Kat Coppock – Ladybeads from 9 April

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A NEW visual art show featuring;

Alphamanta, Ali Harmony Brown, Alyshia Emming, Amy Isabel-Doherty, Agota Sjostrom, Caitlin Millard, Casey Farrell, Gemma Killen, Genevieve Brandenburg, Haneen Martin, Imee Luz, Jess King, Joshua Smith, Kat Coppock, Lindsey Bryant, NicNic, Nickas Serpantius, Sam Althuizen, Sarah Kellett, Shane Haddy, Shaylee Leach, Tiff Hampton, Wes Todd. CURATED BY KAT COPPOCK

“Like a letter on the page the Monster signifies something other than itself; it is always a displacement, always inhabits the gap between the time of upheaval that created it and the moment into which it is received, to be born again…”
–J.J. Cohen

Monsters. Manifestations of the unknown. Fears, secrets, threats.

The second exhibition this year held by emerging artist and curator Kat Coppock, Tetratologists Inc. asks 22 artists to flex their artistic muscles and inquire into new media in their exploration into what it means to be monstrous.

Based around mythological figures, manifestations of pop-culture into the world of the real, or secrets buried deep within the self, the works presented here will be varied and completely unique.

Things we have a limited conception of scare us. To associate with this fear, we coagulate it. Shape it from a metaphysical concept into a physical object we can see, influence, or battle. We demonize our insecurities in the hopes of driving them back into the cupboard, or bury them in the earth. We give them shape, form, and colour. We give them a name, a sense of power, so that by fighting them we may retain our own power.

From glass work and projection art to watercolour and glow-in-the-dark hand carved figurines, here are both the cute and the challenging, and ultimately bound to disturb you in the fuzziest of ways.

This exhibition features multidimensional works by 22 local emerging artists as they bring their deepest fears and secrets to life.

Teratologists Inc. opens on 9th April at 6pm, and concludes on 9th May, 2013.



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