Adelaide Film Festival – Sharknado

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s a live, angry shark in a tornado. Or make that hundreds of hungry sharks. Yes, that really is the premise of surprise Hollywood schlockfest Sharknado.

Starring the indomitable Tara Reid (what has she done to her face), Ian Ziering (for those who remember, an alumnus of Beverley Hills 90210) and a remaining cast of relative unknowns, this film takes the ridiculous premise of a freak storm gearing up off the coast of Los Angeles  with sufficient power to flood even the high parts of town with swimming monster sharks and even, as the title suggests, a number of furious tornadoes containing schools of starving sharks which are more than happy to chow down on human prey.

If you love B-grade movies, this may well be the best film you have ever seen. Indeed, as an avid fan of the ‘genre’ myself I am pretty confident that this has made my top five ‘dodgy’ films, an illustrious list which includes such gems as Death Race 3000 and Snakes on a Plane. Random Australian character who uses Alf (from Home and Away)-style catchphrases? Tick. Complete absence of logic? Tick. Absolute lack of plot continuity and consistently sized monsters? Tick and tick. Scantily dressed women, lame jokes featuring the Hollywood sign and improbable love plot? Tick, tick, tick. If this is your genre, prepare yourself for the best night ever.

However if the idea of watching a movie that has absolutely no connection with plausibility, character development, or depth doesn’t sit well with you I strongly recommend that you not see Sharknado.

All I know is that I am already eagerly awaiting Sharknado 2: The Second One.


*Repeat screening Friday 18 October at 5.15pm

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