Sex Drive – Adelaide Film Festival – Palace Nova Cinemas

Let’s face it – love (and sex) pretty much makes the world go round. Sex Drive, a compilation of short films about all aspects of the most important topic, examines themes as diverse as the universe of a prostitute who wants to get out of the game and risks everything to start a normal life (portrayed in the excellent short film The Last Night of Baby Gun) to the bizarre world of jilted single father Dirk who has given up on ‘real’ women and has shacked up with a silicon sex doll named Jenny in Dream Girl.

The key focus of the anthology, however, is on teenage love and lust, including lonely loser Jack whose heart is set on the girl of his dreams but realises quickly that he is simply not cool enough to capture her heart in Snowblind, but instead that he has been well and truly placed in the ‘friend zone’. Somewhat more suave is wannabe ladies’ man Wolfe, a 16 year old privileged Sydney-sider, who lusts after and – miraculously – seduces his extremely attractive stepmother right under his mother’s nose in the delightful and raunchy I’m the One. Finally, the dangerous combination of innocence and blatant sexuality combined in a young teenager is highlighted in the sweet but also menacing Good Night, which focusses on the blurred lines created by young girls not yet fully aware of the power of their seductiveness.

An entertaining compilation, although Sex Drive highlighted only some of the many facets of romance and sexual love (and completely avoided any themes of same sex relationships) it was nonetheless a truly pleasurable experience.


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