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SMA Kryztoff banner Nov 13 100dpimichael-griffithsBy Peter Maddern

Adelaide born Michael Griffiths portrayal of the life and music of pop idol Madonna has been a hit around the world and it seems sure to be the highlight of this year’s Feast Festival.

The blonde wigs, the alluring lipstick and the salacious antics are all stripped back and done away with and replaced with a monochromatic staging that cleverly sets the scene for a focus on the woman herself and her song writing abilities.

Griffiths in tight white shirt and black and white striped braces eases us into the pop phenomenon’s oeuvre linking lyric with life event and giving a new emphasis to the song writing itself and not the sugar coating of the production that accompanied them. However, over the hour he gradually gives up his control of the material to the form of the songs we are more familiar with, a trend much appreciated by last night’s opening show audience.

His delightful voice and abundant camp enthusiasm keeps us transfixed as the diva is demolished and then reconstructed as not just a two dimensional event but a crafted woman.

No night at the Feast festival would be complete without seeing Griffiths’ show, so do treat yourself.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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