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SMA Kryztoff banner Nov 13 100dpiBFF JumpBRITISH FILM FESTIVAL – Jump – 3.5K

The setting is in Ireland’s Derry on a New Year’s Eve where dressing up in costume, having a few drinks and fireworks is the order of the day.

Jump starts by introducing three seemingly disparate sets of young people and after 15 minutes you kind of wonder whether the directors are just asking too much of their audience to keep all this varied material from their circumstances in their heads; a girl who wants to jump from a bridge, a dodgy bar owner who has been robbed and bill posters advising of a missing man are just some of the elements introduced by that time.

But soon after the threads start to come together and one becomes ever more engrossed in the story as our confidence in the narrative grows. In the end, it is a good fun film that thankfully the producers have not then sought to pan out for a further 30 minutes. It is over after about 85.

A highlight of Jump is the photography which is luscious and dreamy when required and grainy and harsh as bad things happen. The surreal feel of a New Year’s Eve in a cold place is stunningly delivered.

Be sure to concentrate on what’s being said as sub-titles are almost required but Jump is a worthwhile indulgence in this year’s inaugural British Film Festival.

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K

Jump is showing Tuesday 26th and Friday 29th at 8.45pm at Palace Nova.

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