SMA Kryztoff banner Nov 13 100dpiThe Garden of Unearthly Delights is unrivalled as Australia’s most vibrant and dynamic outdoor arts festival precinct. Running from 13 Feb to 16 Mar in the East End of Adelaide’s CBD, The Garden attracts more than 800,000 visitors a year and promises a cultural experience like no other.

We are proud to announce our incredible program line up for 2014.

A Storm In A D Cup

Abandoman. Moonrock Boombox

Adrienne Truscott’s Asking for It. A One Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else!


Amazing Drumming Monkeys. Drum along with the Monkeys!

Asher Treleaven Smaller Poorer Weaker Cheaper Cal Wilson. It Could Have Been Me Carousel and Clothesline. Vague de Cirque Cash Savage and The Last Drinks Charlie Pickering Chopper’s Big F*cken Late Show. Garden the F*ck Up!

Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen. One Man Show Comic Strip Craig Hill. Tartan About!

Dan Sultan

Dave Hughes. Pointless

EastEnd Cabaret. Dirty Talk

Eddie Ifft. Train Wreck

Em Rusciano in Divorce The Musical

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo


Four Screws Loose in Screwtopia!

Freewheelin. A Bob Dylan Tribute

Fright or Flight

Germein Sisters. Because You Breathe

Glory Box! Seductive Spectacle, Live Art Exotica, Wild Child Circus, Jaw Dropping Cabaret!

Hannah Gadsby. The Exhibitionist

Hans. Like A German

Heath Franklin. May I Borrow A Crisis

Hot Dub Time Machine. Big Red Button

Ian D Montfort. The One. Britain’s Most Gifted Psychic?

In Vogue. Songs by Madonna

Sweet Dreams. Songs by Annie Lennox

James Reyne

Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum

Josh Pyke

Justin Hamilton. Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994 Kate Miller Heidke Katie Noonan and CIRCA. Love Song Circus Kids Comedy Gala Lili la Scala. Siren LIMBO Lords of Strut Loren Kate Luke McGregor. My Soulmate is Out of My League Mat Ricardo. Showman Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall Mr Snotbottom and The Curse of The Stinky Silly Zombie Babies.

Naked Girls Reading in The Garden. You Can’t Spell Literature Without T and A Nath Valvo. Almost 30 Pants Down Circus. Rock Phatcave PRE PC. Songs before a time of Political Correctness Sam Simmons. Death Of A Sails Man Sammy J and Randy’s Difficult First Album Tour Sex With Animals Simon Taylor. Funny Sing, Swing Get in The Mood with The Pacific Belles featuring special guest Alan Fletcher!

Swamp Juice

The Audreys

The Bedroom Philosopher

The Boy with Tape on his Face. MORE TAPE The Fauves The Gin Club The Last Temptation of Randy The Late Show The Magnets. All This Time The Syndicate The Vaudevillians The Wau Wau Sisters. Death Threats (and other forms of flattery) Tom Ballard. UnAustralian(ish) Tom Gleeson. Quality Wagons Wil Anderson. Wiluminati Women in Docs Women Wine and Song featuring Martine Locke, Kelly Menhennett and Monique Brumby

PLUS awesome free entertainment at The BankSA Free Concerts and The Garden Sessions.

Come and play with us in The Garden!



East Terrace, Rundle Park, Adelaide

13 Feb to 16 Mar 2014

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