Adelaide buskers blossom in online film series

SMA Kryztoff banner Nov 13 100dpiRich Batsford BuskingFilmmaker Dan Hamilton has produced a fascinating and touching series of films highlighting stories behind the familiar faces of Adelaide’s street musicians.

As Christmas rush gathers speed and Rundle Mall gets busier, spare a thought for the guys and girls who provide the sound track to shopping – in many ways they are the soul of the street.  Adelaide is home to a collection of regular street performers looking to earn a crust by following their passion.

“I wanted to discover who these people were and what motivated them, and to provide an avenue to build their profile and backstory,” said Dan.  

“There is nothing more honest than performing in a busy street and asking people to judge you with their wallet.  In many ways they are forgotten – they often go unnoticed but I think they provide a valuable service to the city in providing colour and culture to the surrounding retail and commerce.”

Dan said he hopes the series can develop further and build an online presence for the local performers.   “One of my main goals is to develop the series further by crafting a website dedicated to further highlighting their music and them as artists”

Pianist composer Rich Batsford recently debuted in Rundle Mall as a busker and plans on becoming one of Adelaide’s regular faces.

“Not long ago I became a professional musician and am always looking at ways of sharing my love for music,” he said. “I moved to Adelaide, and have been pleasantly surprised by the culture of fine food accompanied by great music.

“As a street performer I feel privileged to be able to contribute to the culture and I could never have guessed how heart-warming the response of the public could be.  I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful video series, Dan has a real talent for capturing some wonderful stories and truly poignant moments on the street.”          

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