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festival-posterPetaluma headlines Adelaide Festival Wine-up at Lola’s Pergola

Lola’s Pergola: Fri 28 Feb – Sat 15 Mar

With the generous backing of Petaluma Australia, Adelaide Festival’s longstanding wine partner, a collection of wine from local small scale winemakers will be available at Lola’s Pergola.

Andrew Hardy, Petaluma’s senior winemaker said, “We have been really intrigued by the concept behind Lola’s Pergola and we wanted to support the idea of celebrating a whole range of wine from the area. Petaluma is part of a wider community of winemakers in South Australia; we all share the same passion, to create great wine and the festival is a fantastic excuse to share a bottle wine.”

An eclectic blend of winemakers has been selected to showcase some of South Australia’s wine regions. The winemakers include Alpha Box and Dice, Brash Higgins, BK Wines, Frederick Stevenson, Friend Experiment, Jauma, Lucy Margaux, Ochota Barrels, Ruggabellus and Shobbrook Wines. Petaluma are getting in on the action too, providing a first time opportunity for the public to taste their own varieties of small batch PPC range which are based on further investigating terroir and winemaking, challenging current winemaking practise to learn, experience and improve.

Over three weekends, festival goers will have a chance to make a ‘Lola’s Vintage’ under the direction of winemaker Justin Lane who will employ an ancient Babylonian method of creating wine. The first weekend involves sorting the grapes, the second basket pressing them and then on the final weekend there will be a tasting of the results. The process will be as much a performance as a vintage.

Petaluama and Ochota Barrels will both launch new vintages at the club. Petaluma will provide festival goers the first opportunity to try the 2001 Croser Late Disgorged (Zero Dosage) Piccadilly Valley. Ochota will release the much-anticipated Sense of Compression collaboration between Adelaide-born Tarras Ochota and legendary rock star Maynard James Keenan of Tool/Puscifer/Perfect Circle.

Lola’s Pergola is the latest in the long tradition of unique Adelaide Festival designed clubs. DJ Sets will begin from 9pm and finish late each Thursday to Sunday night (Friday 28 February – Saturday 15 March).

Other iconic South Australian producers featured within Lola’s are Aussie Cider, Coopers and CIBO Espresso.

Booking Details:
Lola’s Pergola – Adelaide Festival’s ultimate quarter acre block
Torrens Riverbank, in front of the Adelaide Convention Centre

Fri 28 Feb – Sat 15 Mar
Thurs to Sun
6pm to late

FREE until 8pm |From 8pm: $5 @ the door or pre-purchase express entry tickets* when purchasing tickets to festival shows at adelaidefestival.com.au or BASS 131 246

Tasting List:
Fri 28 Feb Petaluma Australia
Sat 1 Mar Ochota Barrels
Sun 2 Mar BK Wines
Thu 6 Mar Ruggabelus and Friend Experiment
Fri 7 Mar Lucy Margaux and Shobbrook
Sat 8 Mar Alpha Box & Dice
Sun 9 Mar Jauma Wines
Thu 13 Mar Brash Higgins
Fri 14 Mar Frederick Stevenson
Sat 15 Mar Lola’s Vintage

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