FRINGE – Alex Willamson – 3K

0713-alexwilliamson-ripitupBy Peter Maddern

With over half a million Facebook followers and Youtube videos that regularly score over a million views, Alex Williamson, from Adelaide’s southern suburbs, is one of the up and coming Australian comedians.

What I have liked about his videos is a seeming mocking of the Australian cliché and it less intelligent inhabitants. He has almost seemed to be Dame Edna Everage’s grandson who’s growing up in Boganville. Last night’s show makes me somewhat less sure. Williamson just seems to enjoy the wasted youth lifestyle all rather too much.

After 60 minutes of Alex’s rat-a-tat delivery and a couple of songs , there was not much about that genre left to the imagination with lots of gags about going the biff and spacing out on all manner of banned substances, all delivered in the most daggy stage gear I have ever seen, complete with calf muscle tatt. All sort of harmless stuff, though just why around half of his audience stayed in their seats to the bitter end in the face of the incessant denigration of women is anyone’s guess. Rape seemed to be a common theme amongst it all.

Maybe all these debut voters at this next month’s state election have just seen and heard no better but that is scary in itself, let alone getting into a car with someone who thought this dross was rollickingly funny.

Kryztoff Rating  3K

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