FRINGE – Hallelujah – Soul Box – 4K

cohen2By Peter Maddern

Tribute bands can be a hit or miss affair with many seeing the need to re-interpret their maestros’ work – oh it could have been me if only … – making the whole thing somewhat of a bore.

With the man, Leonard Cohen himself, a relatively frequent visitor in recent times to this town, the risks were magnified.

But, this delightful performance by Touche is simply spot on with its pitch, complete with its information, direction and song and game sheets and much enhanced by a slide show (and video at the interval) that seems to never repeat and keeps pace with the material being sung as well. Michael leads the way in fedora and guitar while Tess chimes in with voice, flute and strings. It’s comely and compelling entertainment.

As a Cohen fan, you remain unsure if this will be for you? Then consider that for a middle aged crowd I have never seen such a focus on two performers, to the exclusion also of random visits to the bathroom by partners looking to kill the time. There is a power to this show that is not easily described.

This show has two more performances (9th and 15th March) and they may well also sell out. So, even if you have been to see the real thing, never had the $350 to have the chance before or just fear you never will get another chance, then Hallelujah – 80 Years of Leonard Cohen is a heavenly solution to your condition.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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