FRINGE – The Situation – Ayres House – 3.5K

Sophie’s not dealing well with her break-up from Jase, even after a considerable period of time. Her friends decide that the way for her to move on from her obsessional Facebook stalking and drunken text rants is to get back in the dating game. Given how interested (read obsessed) with the online world she is, the obvious avenue to meet new guys seems to be online dating. However, it’s a whole new world to Sophie and what she gets isn’t necessarily what she was hoping for.

Writer/performer Amanda Jane Porter has created a charming show, featuring a character that is both likable and relatable. As she walks us through Sophie’s initial hesitation about joining the world of online dating and then describes the men encountered and the positions in which Sophie finds herself, it all rings true. Indeed there are some knowing looks being exchanged between friends and partners in the audience.

There are occasional stumbles over words or a phrase, which are a little disappointing, but overall the performance is solid and highly enjoyable. The space is basic but all that is needed, with costume changes and visual aids used well throughout to provide some variation in action. Unfortunately, the venue suffers from a considerable amount of outside noise as the crowd for another show goes in, and the lamp from the ceiling was incessantly swinging, which was rather distracting.

Overall, this is a well-constructed, light-hearted, fun show which would make a great girls night out but will also appeal to a wider audience.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K

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