Adelaide Fringe – Steve Sheehan’s Little Boring Story Event – 3.5K

Set in the enigmatic and charming Tuxedo Cat, Steve Sheehan’s new performance ‘little boring story event’ delivers what it promises; that is ‘to make you laugh wondering how something so boring could be amusing. Then a dance’.

The show, despite involving ostensibly boring stories, is captivating. The tales themselves are pointless, dreary tales somehow reanimated into interesting comic relief. This involves a master storyteller, inflection and timing. Through the employment of these tools Sheehan takes the audience on to their own little boring story adventure.

Sheehan himself is exceptional. Years of performance have crafted a lightning fast tongue, easily dismissing the few hecklers brave enough to attempt to trip him up. His silly tales and blank faced comedy has the audience continuously in tumultuous laughter.

Upon entering each audience member is handed a five dollar bill as recompense for ‘the quality of the show’. At the finale, Sheehan tells the audience that they are free to return it, or keep it and buy themselves a drink. As we left, I only saw one person keep theirs.

This show is witty and entertaining. The performance is strong, involved and refreshing. The stories are spontaneous and light hearted and the dancing is spectacular. Sheehan, a veteran comic, brings another year of wit, class and humour to the Adelaide Fringe.


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