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and exciting overseas opportunities open up


Exposing Edith, a 2014 Cabaret Fringe Festival standout that tells the extraordinary story of Edith Piaf and leaves the audience to decide for themselves who she really was, will be playing at La Boheme on 11 June and at Nexus Cabaret on 14 and 15 June, before venturing overseas later this year.  

Written and performed by Michaela Burger on vocals and Greg Wain on guitar, Exposing Edith is a stunning mix of authentic, vintage French pop and contemporary sounds. Having explored the undertones of Piaf’s vocals and lyrics, Burger and Wain created their own unique interpretations of her work, using acoustic guitar with loop, delay and effect pedals. Although Piaf rarely composed her music and only occasionally co-wrote, the duo believes the show reflects what Piaf might have created herself, had she had all the musical tools artists can access today.

The songs are punctuated with extraordinary and rarely told stories from Piaf’s life.  Although there is no doubt that Burger and Wain are huge fans of the French singer, Burger explains, “We don’t portray her through rose tinted glasses; we literally ‘expose’ her for all that she was!”

Exposing Edith played to sell out houses at the Cabaret Fringe Festival last year, before its first official season at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival. Audiences and critics alike loved it, including Kate Ceberano who heard the duo play at the Festival Theatre’s Piano Bar.  

Since the Melbourne Cabaret Festival, Burger and Wain have developed Exposing Edith and added new elements and are now keen to take the show overseas. Dates are being finalised for Singapore and negotiations ongoing with various venues in Europe. But before going anywhere, there was no doubt in the pair’s mind that Exposing Edith should be performed in Adelaide first.  

“We are so excited by all the opportunities to take the show overseas but we’ve only been able to get this far thanks to the loyalty and support of our friends and family. To honour and thank them, we felt very strongly that Exposing Edith had to play in Adelaide first. And when better than at cabaret time!” says Burger.

The pair has had many admirers over the years. The Sunday Mail selected Burger as a ‘top pick’ of the Cabaret Fringe Festival two years ago and ABC Radio in Melbourne described Exposing Edith as ‘sublime’.

More on the show:

Season dates:    Wednesday 11 June @8pm                         @La Boheme

Saturday 14 June @7pm                               @Nexus Cabaret

Sunday 15 June                 @7pm                                   @Nexus Cabaret


Bookings @ ; tickets from $25


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