THEATRE – Lally Katz – Stories I Want to Tell You in Person – 3.5K

Lally KatzBy Peter Maddern

The road to writing a play can take many a turn but in this case, the one about the GFC of all things, none of them led to the original goal and instead they all finished eventually creating this delightful one-woman show.

Lally Katz, who’s work Neighbourhood Watch wowed audiences here at the Playhouse earlier this year, arrives on stage replete in peach blouse and some nifty shoes and takes us on a journey that crosses the Atlantic a few times, particularly to New York.

There her imagination seems to run as wild as the city itself with duelling psychics that both battle her demons and point her life on whatever inexorable upward curve her money can buy. All many of colourful characters get introduced as well; the full Jew, the bear of the apocalypse, the dolphin of hope and a pesky sub-conscious. Katz sustains us all with a curious and humorous mix of deluded hope, innocence beyond her years and a demeanour that may remind one of Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz.

The show is funny, Katz is on song throughout its 80 minutes and a nicely crafted costume change sets up the finale. In form it may seem like the type of show that fills the tents in February and March, but this is a class above that lot.

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K

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