FRINGE 2015 – Is It Because I’m Indian? – Nexus – 3K

By Lemuel Gabriel

A monologue of the misfit, Is It Because I’m Indian is a satirical performance about the struggles and successes of a man who has been continually marginalised by the society because he was of a minority.

From the darkness emerges Raj (not be confused with Reg or Maj) in a fashionably uncoordinated groove of a bare-footed office clerk with a gray jumper, although he made up for making it up by being armed with such an exceptional voice. He walks us through the memories of an Indian boy, from England all the way to portraying the impressions of Australia that has encouraged the character wanting to come to the land where Rangers and Kangaroos hail.

Down the track, we reach the stage of the pursuit of being a performer, more so if you are a person of colour. Raj speaks of words that echo the emotion making you feel the feelings of the character feel very fresh. It was a deep, dramatic monologue with tinge of humour that occasionally gives an uncertainty whether to laugh or not at some racially-motivated jokes.

It was not disappointing, considering it was a lot of talking being done in the whole 60 minutes of something that everyone couldn’t really relate to. It is deep but at the same time really easy to digest. Not very much to offer for your eyes, but your ears and thoughts are constantly shaken throughout the performance. The finale was quite a surprise, although I wished it was revealed a little earlier.

Kryztoff Rating 3K

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