Fringe 2015 – Limbo – The Garden of Unearthly Delights: Aurora Spiegeltent – 5K

By Tom Eckert


It shouldn’t really surprise anyone anymore that Limbo is phenomenal. Held in the fantastical Aurora Spiegeltent, dark, moody and lined with mirrors which have you looking over your shoulder for phantasms you are not entirely sure aren’t there.

It is as though someone distilled the essence of cirque, set it alight and put it down in front of you in a baroque crystal shot glass.

The entire show is a riot of immense physicality, sexuality and violent energy; rich in the symbolism of dreams and nightmares and lorded over by a capricious god figure in white with nothing but a bullhorn, a mouth organ and an effects microphone.

The show is forged on the backs of a herculean cast who, through inhuman feats of strength, flexibility, agility and grace keep an entire audience captivated for every second of the seventy minute show. This is only heightened by the spice of incredibly distinct characterisation and abstract narrative as well as audience interaction; all without so much as a line of dialogue.

Limbo is one of the heights that performance art can aspire to achieve. Simultaneously intimate and alienating as you can’t help but realise the distinction between these performers and mere mortals, underpinned by a fast paced, sonorous band that resonates somewhere deep in the primal brain. Do yourself a favour and marvel at one of the best shows the fringe has to offer.

Kryyztoff Rating: 5K



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