FRINGE 2015: Harley Breen – Just a Fully Naked Encounter – 4K

By Anthony Nguyen

10872774_337011619824781_5149430435313484508_oEntering the stage with a beer in hand, Harley Breen wastes no time showing bare skin in the nude theme of his show ‘Just a Fully Naked Encounter’. With several comedy awards under his belt including Spleen Comic of the Year and Comics’ Choice ‘Piece of Wood’ Award, Breen displays experience in creating high enthusiasm and humour throughout his performance.

Self-classified as a ‘lumbersexual’, Breen tells of his hilarious experiences including: his sex and drug-filled antics whilst travelling through Asia, various Tinder hookup adventures, and the daily struggles as a single parent. Breen is clearly shown to be a vigorous performer and maintains his high energy throughout the duration of the show.

Some of Breen’s humour may come off quite heavy to sensitive ears as topics most typically centred on sex, drugs, and even religion along with the use of high coarse language. One passing joke was also made about the Malaysian Airlines flights which left most of the audience a bit hesitant with some awkward laughter. Regardless, Breen is able to effectively play off the reactions of the crowd in continuing hilarity.

Harley Breen is a recognised Australian comic having had many successful national comedy tours. Breen continues his show, Just a Fully Naked Encounter, at the Campanile in the Garden of Unearthly Delights for the 2015 Adelaide Fringe until March 1st. Raw comedy in all its bareness, be prepared as you may or may not see everything his body can physically offer.

Warning: There may be traces of nut.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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