FRINGE 2015 – Rust & Vinyl – Convention Centre – 4K

1504199_10152717258712362_7675772997482513650_oBy Peter Maddern

From the moment that the dulcet tones of Jacob Morris and then the uber voice of Tim Bartel led off with Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come there was a noticeable shortening of breath across the large audience in the Convention Centre Hall for it was obvious we were in for something special.

Rust & Vinyl is this year’s Fringe gig of the Voice of Transition, young Adelaide singers under the tutelage of the show’s musical director Kim Spargo. This show focused on the Motown sound that started in the later years of the 1950s, sustained itself for 30 years before remaining today as an inspiration for all manner of productions, from documentaries to the releases of current pop stars.

If the Convention Centre sounds a bit large for a sing-a-long, then it is important to realise that when all called upon the Voice of Transition comprise 19 singers (eight guys and 11 girls) plus eight musos – the Collected Musicians – on stage together.

The Motown sound is well known so there is little gained by mentioning more songs by name but none, whether undertaken in whole or part, did anything but get the toes tapping and the lips singing along. Without exception, the voices were terrific and all sported excellent looks – the guys in white shirts with black ties, pants and occasionally the jacket while all the girls were in black, some sporting large red roses.

If fault could be found it was in the ‘democratic’ nature of the production itself with all participants given their chance to lead in the various songs – a kind of school play for uni students. This tended to rob the potential for the audience of indulging further in the very best of the voices and for sustaining built up momentum. Still, to paraphrase one of their own songs, it was their show and they could do what they wanted to.

Rust & Vinyl has one further show on the Sunday 1st March and any lovers of local quality productions, the Motown sound and / or a good sing song led by talented and good looking crooners should make their bookings now.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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