FRINGE 2015: COUNTING BARS – Tale of the Singing Inmates – 4K

By Anthony Nguyen

8385_Fringe-Program-image_EFUL_GUIDE__EFUL_WEBThe Tale of the Singing Inmates is a unique storytelling experience that combines comedic theatre with acapella-style singing. Performed by a South Australian theatre group, the story follows Lyle who is a new inmate to a high-security all-male prison where he discovers that a talent contest is being held where the winner(s) will be allowed to transfer to a facility with lower security. Subsequently, a quartet of inmates is quickly formed consisting of hilarious characters with a talent of singing and learn to combine their unlikely friendship against the struggles of prison life and other convicted thugs.

Naturally as a musical comedy, the show featured over 10 songs which typically tied into the storytelling. The acapella renditions harmonised the perfect mixture of soprano and baritone vocals as well as beat boxing in covers including All By Myself by Celine Dion, The Longest Time by Billy Joel and You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates. A definite highlight of the show was a hilarious Eye of the Tiger montage that was brilliantly and cleverly executed onstage which left the audience erupting in laughter. Most performances included basic choreography which although was not too complicated, assisted in elevating the theatricality of the numbers.

Counting Bars: Tale of the Singing Inmates is a fun musical comedy show that is filled with an array of hilarious characters. Located in Star Theatre Two, the show continues until February 28th with most shows already sold out, so if you want to enjoy an entertaining performance filled with song and laughter, don’t hesitate to book tickets fast.

Note: Be careful not to drop the soap.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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