FRINGE 2015 – Illuminate – Gluttony – 2.5K

11024655_283642115093347_8218390405517831148_nBy Peter Maddern

Last Fringe I had the pleasure of seeing the Madhouse Circus team when they were on at the Croquet Club. So, it was with some anticipation that I went along last night to their latest incantation at Gluttony. Sadly, I was somewhat underwhelmed.

The essence of the Madhouse spin on physical theatre is the use of light – hence the show’s title. But this year’s lacked much of the magic of last year’s and certainly there was nothing new to get excited about.

The two acts on the front of stage by Jon – one balancing, the other a sexual tease on the rope (see image) – were the highlights of the show with the former the best lit by just three incandescent light bulbs.

However, whether it was the presence of just a dedicated Madhouse fan club crowd, the early start or the insatiable noise from the vroom vrooms behind the tent, most of the performers were off their game with pins falling everywhere and the bottle walking trick a complete washout.

Illuminate’s other major problem is that this year they compete against some major physical theatre /circus shows and this schtick (however well it may be performed) is simply swamped by the panache and pyrotechnics of many of these others – eg Soap, Limbo, Papillon etc. The six person troupe – four guys (girls (and guys) note – three perform shirtless) and two girls are all good looking and fun performers but this doesn’t compensate for the power of their competition, especially when little of their highest risk moments came off.

Here’s to hoping for some inspiration and investment for next year’s show.

Kryztoff Rating 2.5K

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