SHORT FILM – Dale – 4K

1979603_817667491604110_5994370703006219653_nBy Peter Maddern

In an era where heroes are increasingly sought, (I see even Arnold Schwarzenegger is having another crack at being one), perhaps what in truth we really need is a true anti-hero and in Dale (Nathan Porteus) we have a prime candidate.

In the fictitious SA town of Spoole Dale exists as maybe the world’s only living Zombie, a creature much loved by the locals; part pet, part tourist attraction, a thing seemingly benign or is it just all out clumsy and a danger more to himself than others.

For Dale, the film, Tom Cornwell and Hjalmar Svenna have parked their greasepaint and successfully taken up a life for the first time as writers and directors of this engaging mockumentary which premiered last night at The Mercury. Just exactly what drives the current zombie phenomenon I expect only an expert sociologist could explain but the Cornwall / Svenna take on it all is perhaps best captured in the opening scene which is somewhat of a peach.

From there a host of local characters (actors Eddie Morrsion, Rick Mills and Lisa Waite amongst them) give their take on the creature including mounting their own fightback against those who dare to rail against it. Dale is light, nicely shot around McLaren Vale and sure to amuse. Perhaps, something longer can be conceived out of it but short film lovers should be sure to search Dale out when it hits the festival scene in the months ahead.

But whenever, be sure to Hail the Dale – he’s really not that scary at all.

Kryztoff Rating    4K

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