THEATRE – Lord of the Dance – Dangerous Games – 4K

p.txtBy Peter Maddern

The latest manifestation of Michael Flatley’s hugely successful Lord of the Dance franchise arrived in Adelaide last night and there is nothing about the show that can disappoint.

A huge ensemble – by my count at least 20 – commits the first half to show pieces. The second half develops a fairly basic plot about good and evil after the Lord of the Dance’s (Morgan Comer) belt is stolen by apocalyptic warriors, led by the Dark Lord (Zoltan Papp) making the hour a kind of Game of Thrones done in a jig.

Still the luscious visual backdrops, the foot tapping melodies – enhanced by pipe and fiddle solos (by Giada Costenaro Cunningham and Eimear Reilly), some unashamed sex appeal as the male dancers strip to the waist and even a few pyrotechnic spurts make this two hours of Irish step dancing something of a joy.

But beyond the visual stimulation and eye candy, the dancing is consummate, rhythmical and pulsating with its exponents clearly not poster boys for the obesity industry. No step is missed and hardly a pant is observed and yet holding a torso strong and head up while flicking one’s feet in hard shoes is no trivial pursuit.

Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance – Dangerous Games is, well, flat out terrific entertainment.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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